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PG Madhavan is a technology & business native grown up within multiple careers as Startup Founder, Corporate Officer, technology expert leader and university professor...
Focus narrowed to Customer Solutioning.

Related first-hand Solutioning Experience:
• Industrial – equipment monitoring & predictive maintenance (Rockwell Automation)
• Manufacturing – fault diagnosis (GE Aviation)
• Software – M2M pub-sub middleware (Global Logic)
• Retail – product shelf assortment (Syzen Analytics)
• CAUSALITY – graph-model based (NEC startup)

Recognized as a “Rock Star” data scientist in 2016 by Data Science Central (the largest Data Science website on the Internet)
Wireless technologies at Microsoft (Windows Wi-Fi, BT, UWB) & Lucent (smartphone chipsets & software)

Customer Solution Consulting in the area of IoT + AI + 5G for ManTech, AgriTech, …

2-sided Marketplace business plan for proliferating Digital Twins as part of 
5G's big initial thrust into Industry 4.0

  • Digital Twin: Home for Visualization, Machine Learning & Analytics in IoT
  • CAUSAL digital Twin: Know the CAUSES given sensor data

"Know what WILL CAUSE what" . . . PRESCRIPTIVE Analytics!
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